Linen - We are still here for it

Linen - We are still here for it

Linen is an age old fabric, known for its natural, breathable & durable properties. it has even been know to be traded as currency in countries such as Egypt.

Fast forward to somewhere in the 90's linen was associated with Bed clothes or what your Mum might wear on a summer holiday, think high wasted pleated pants and sandals. Which funnily enough, has gone full circle & once again is most likely considered trendy.

Mostly know for it's Natural & Neutral tones seen in a few of our pieces like the Gypsy top in Sand Gypsy

This fabulous fabric is also making its way in Colours, patterns and Florals.

See our Gio Oversized Shirt in Charcoal or our Linen top in Jean  or Rosa


We have a multitude of dresses, pants & tops available in store and online 

We love this trend and know that investing in quality Linen pieces is never something we will regret.

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With love from your friendly Willow & Fli Team xx.


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