Here's just a small sample of the amazing women we have had the honour of helping style!

Jil Sampson | Wander + Collect-11.jpg

Jil Sampson

“My Style is self-expressive with everything on the outside being a reflection of what is on the inside. My style is my perception of me. It is organised, simple and changeable, with a casual, comfortable and colourful approach.”


Willow & Fli | Wander + Collect-18.jpg

Juliette Scott

“I am who I am. My style is my uniqueness. I own this by owning who I am. The clothes I wear are an extension of my SELF and I own it with self love and self trust.”


Lynnie - Wander + Collect-18.jpg


“Happiness for me is a feeling of contentment, that my life now is just as it should be!”