We celebrate all beauty - especially that within!

We celebrate all beauty - especially that within!

Receiving some of our latest stock we’ve been hesitant in what words to use, plus size fashion, curve fashion, full figure fashion - because to us it’s all. well.. fashion. We didn’t want to make a big song and dance about stocking sizes we believe should always be stocked and we don’t want to be known to have a ‘straight’ and ‘plus’ section.

So when Keira offered to model for us, we made sure she knew that we didn’t want to refer to her or the clothing as anything but normal - although what is normal anyway? Keira was super reassuring in letting us know that “words are just words until we put meaning behind them”.

We wanted to share some of Keira’s story and highlight her amongst our other ‘real’ models including Willow & Fli owner, Tana, and Willow & Fli family (team) members Caity, Julie and Julie (yes, there’s two!). All who are beautiful but not only outside, inside too.

Keira shared:

I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. And yes it’s true - the media and society have us believe that unless we look a certain way we are not ok. We are not the “norm”, we are not accepted. I’ve been all sizes now throughout life and currently WEAR (and I purposely say wear and not am) a size 20 and I won’t lie, it stings a little to shop with friends or family now in stores that don’t stock my range of sizing. It definitely feels like I’m being excused - not unlike how you would feel if you weren’t selected as a partner at the school dance.

So while I know that you (Willow & Fli) have been cautious about ‘labelling’ the size ranges you stock, simply stating you stock sizes 8 - 22 is fine, you don’t have to have a straight and plus section. One day I hope that every label and every store will just have all sizes without having to pay special mention or have people feel the anxiety as they enter wondering if they’re included in what’s in-store.

Just like I now know that I can feel safe and included when I come into your store because there’s something I can try on. And there would be if I was a size 8 or 22 - THAT is what matters.

Keira has not only helped us model our beautiful clothing, but she is also the talented chicky behind our newsletters (button below to sign up and receive these) and blog posts!! We were blown away by the amazing energy she brought to the shop! She definitely rocked the outfits she modelled.

You can view some of the pieces Keira modelled below.

Miracle Dress in Night Sky

Feel comfortable and confident in our best selling Miracle Dress. Our PQ exclusive Night Sky print, coupled with our signature soft and breathable fabric will keep you looking cool and comfortable. V-Neckline is reversible for more coverage.

Chic Dress in Forest Green

Follow us as we explore the urban jungle in our Autumn collection, Through the Garden. Capturing laid back silhouettes, this collection is a celebration of the modern, natural and feminine. 


The Chic Dress in Forest Green pairs like a dream with your favourite black boots and stockings to keep cute and warm this Autumn.

Flare Dress in Navy & White Check

Crafted from soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric that showcases a Navy & White Check Print. This below elbow dress with button closure features a matching tie belt that cinches the waist, side pockets, and a feminine frill detail at the lower hem.

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