Have you seen our new model?

Have you seen our new model?

She may look familiar…

She goes by the name Tana and is a familiar face around Willow & Fli.

In fact, she is the proud owner of Willow & Fli. She pushed through her fears of being in front of the camera and looks AMAZING in the latest styles to hit our clothing boutique (both inshore and online). 

Often when we're looking at images fashion pieces being modelled - we see similar things - the staple sample size is portrayed and she generally knows how to pose to best show a garment and her 'good side' etc.  

At Willow & Fli, just as our clothes come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours - we love that our customers do too. And so we do our best to show you our clothes on real people, and, as often as we can - on our own people.

Over time you will have seen other team members model our clothing (and some friends + family too!) but it can't possibly get much more personal and real than having the boutique owner modelling for you as well!  

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