5 Simple Ways to Lift your Mood

5 Simple Ways to Lift your Mood

5 Simple ways to lift your mood

Are things feeling a little Blah? A never ending to-do list? Or perhaps you are stuck on repeat, same thing every day and you are having trouble working out how you got here?

It happens to all of us at one point or another but its time to take back your good mood.

Even if it's only 10 minutes at a time - Don't have 10 Minutes?

We hear you, we'll make this quick.

Colour Your life

We LOVE colour!

There is something powerful about a woman in a bold colour or captivating print. Not sure if this is your style? Colour can be added in SO many ways. Think, Handbag, Shoes, Jewellery, Scarves

Need a bit more of a relaxed chill vibe? Blues and Forest Greens are a good place to start.

If its Energy you are searching for then Red or Fuchsia are the recommended colours. Inspiring Confidence & Integrity.

Or perhaps you could use a touch of Positivity, reach for the yellows and brighter greens.

Lacking Enthusiasm - Orange will have you in touch with your playful side in no time. 

Move your body

We know exercise is good for us, but sometimes the idea of physical exertion is enough of a deterrent to change our minds, however what we are talking about is not a 40 minute hardcore workout...unless that's what you are into.

A short walk around the block, A 5 minute yoga flow video on YouTube or even a little booty shake to your favourite tunes (Think Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels) can be just what you need to reset you mood.


Speaking of that famous booty shake, listening to music is one of our favourite ways to shift the mood!

Studies show that listening to music can benefit overall wellbeing, help regulate emotions & create happiness & relaxation in everyday life. 

Some of our favourite Spotify playlists in store are Power Ballad Heaven, Soft Pop Hits, Housework Hits & Morning Motivation.

Take your place in the Sunshine

For Most people, 10-15 Minutes a day exposed to sunlight is enough to reap the benefits (Spf ALWAYS). Sunshine is said to help us improve sleep, reduce stress, strengthen our immune systems as well as improving our moods.

We can't see the benefits but we can sure feel them, & feeling better is what we are aiming for.

Last but Definitely not least....

Take Care of YOU

We preach it, Selfcare & taking time for ourselves but do we practice it everyday? 

We want to know what lights you up?

It might be a warm cup of tea in silence, a hot bath, lighting a Candle, good quality skincare, fueling your body with nourishing foods or tapping into your creative flare. 

Setting the bar & creating habits that serve us daily is something that we should hold high on our priority list. 

We hope our little list of tips inspires you to take time for yourself - 10 minutes of your day can make all the difference. Pop on some colour, Move your body, turn up the music, soak up some sunshine & do something just for you.

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With love from your friendly Willow & Fli Team xx.


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  • Lyn Hills.

    Five great tips there ladies which I do try to practice and you know how I love colour. Xx

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