4 Tips for getting organised from Willow & Fli

4 Tips for getting organised from Willow & Fli

This is for those of us always saying ' I need to be more organised' or 'I can't believe I left this until the last minute AGAIN!' Rushing around feeling stressed because there just isn't enough hours in the day.

Does that sound like you?? because, US TOO!

Tana was lucky enough to get a spot in the latest Mindful Business Hub Workshop, highlighting Clarity, Direction & Focus for 2023 within small businesses. If you haven't Heard of Taylah before you can visit her Mindful Business Hub Facebook here.

Whilst it's main focus was small business it does spark something in our brains that says - maybe this could be useful in all forms of life. 

It's all well and good to say, I'm going to change, or this year is going to be different. But HOW??

We need a plan or at least some stepping stones to keep us on track.

Good habits & little changes go a long way!

Here are some habits we are implementing in store to keep us moving in the right direction.

Write it down (Not on post-it notes, Tana)- Get a Planner or Diary to plan your day/week/month/year. We have so many tasks to do each day it can get a little muddled.  Writing lists gets the information out of your head and onto paper. Think of it like an organisational version of your shopping list - if you forget the flour at the supermarket its going to be very hard to make a cake, much like if you forget to hang the sheets on the line after a wash it's going to be very hard to remake the bed before you get in it for your well deserved beauty rest.

Be Realistic - Don't give yourself an hour to declutter & organise 6 Cupboards. Not meeting your set tasks on time can be disheartening & lead to them being put in the too hard basket. Start with 1 shelf or Pick 1 cupboard & do it well! Set a time frame that suits your tasks at hand but doesn't leave much room to procrastinate. Sometimes beating the clock is more satisfactory then the actual end result.

Stop Scrolling- Be mindful of how you are spending your time. It's so easy to scroll social media or your favourite news website & all of a sudden its been an hour or more & you haven't done anything you wanted to except; learn which celebrity couple is divorcing, how to create the perfect butter cream icing or which breed of dog suits your personality.  

 Don't move it, Put It Away - It's so easy to just move things out of the way & think; I'll put that where it belongs later. If we spent an extra few minutes packing it up, the job would be done & we are eradicating that extra step. This is a particularly good tip for those of us that have Children or husbands that tend to empty their pockets, lunchboxes & bags directly on the kitchen bench at the end of their day. Don't push it aside or create a dump area. Everything has a place.

We know these tips probably aren't new information for you, but maybe it's enough of a reminder to get you moving, to tug on your motivation enough to just start.

Cluttered spaces usually are a reflection of our mind, time for a clear out!

We would love to hear if you have any tips that keep you organised & motivated during the year.

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Much Love, The Willow & Fli Girls. 

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